As an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, Michael A. Shammas has recovered millions in damages for accident victims. Employees who sustain a serious injury on the job often face financial hardship following the accident. Shammas Law Office can help you recover compensation and, in some cases, hold negligent third-parties accountable for their actions. Filing a work injury claim with help from Michael A. Shammas can provide the financial relief you need to pay for your medical care and living expenses while you are off work.

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Employees have the right to a safe and healthy work environment. Safety regulations are in place to protect workers from employment hazards. When these regulations are violated, or when equipment manufacturers or other third-parties are negligent, workers face the consequences. Sustaining an injury at work can take away a person’s ability to earn an income, whether temporary or permanent. Time away from work, coupled with the high cost of medical treatment, can leave victims in a financial bind following an accident. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can help injured employees recover damages to avoid financial hardship.

Frequent Causes of Workplace Injury

Though workplace injuries are caused by a variety of factors, there are common triggers experienced throughout different industries. Overexertion, slip and fall accidents, contact with objects or equipment, traffic accidents, exposure to loud noises, and exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous materials often cause injuries to workers. Some industries yield more injured workers than others. Construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and food service are industries where workplace injuries are common. Frequently, workplace injuries occur when safety regulations are violated. Failure to provide proper or well-maintained PPE, poor equipment maintenance, improper ladder or scaffolding use, wiring that does not meet regulations, and improper training are all factors that lead to injury accidents.

Some work-related injuries can be caused by the negligence of others. Traffic accidents while traveling for work, faulty equipment, wet floors, and unsafe property conditions at a construction site, for instance, could be the fault of another driver, an equipment manufacturer, a cleaning or maintenance crew, or a property owner. When third-party negligence contributes to a work-related accident, the injured worker may be able to recover compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party personal injury claim simultaneously.

Common Types of Injuries in the Workplace

Injuries that most frequently occur in the workplace are head injuries, injuries to the neck and spine, burns, fractures and broken bones, lacerations, electrocution, and muscle strains. Some workers are also vulnerable to environmental hazards that can leave long-term effects. Prolonged exposure to loud noises, for example, can cause deafness. Blindness, cancers, or other sicknesses may be caused by exposure to toxins and carcinogens. Occupations that require repetitive movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

Preparing for a Successful Claim

Workers’ compensation attorney Michael A. Shammas can help victims of workplace accidents recover damages for hospital costs, prolonged medical treatment, medical equipment and supplies, and lost wages. In addition to recovering damages, filing an injury claim can help identify dangerous workplace conditions and push for better enforcement of safety guidelines. A crucial step in a successful claim is to choose an attorney that is experienced in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Additionally, workers’ comp claimants are required to report injuries to a supervisor right away. Victims should also follow the advice of their treating physicians and keep medical providers updated as symptoms progress and new conditions arise to ensure that the severity of injuries is not misrepresented.