Slip and fall accidents are a top cause for injury across all age groups. As an experienced injury attorney, Michael A. Shammas has the knowledge and skill to help you prove negligence in a slip and fall accident claim. A slip and fall claim arises when a person sustains an injury from a fall because of another party’s negligence. Often, these accidents happen on a commercial property where negligent business owners fail to properly maintain their property during bad weather. Recently waxed or mopped floors, poorly maintained stairs and flooring, loose mats, and cluttered surroundings can also lead to slip and falls. In some cases, patients in hospitals and nursing homes may experience falls when a lack of balance is combined with inattentive staff.

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Common Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents

Roughly eight million Americans seek emergency treatment following a fall each year. Severe injuries are caused in up to 30% of slip and fall accidents. In some demographics, slip and fall accidents are more likely to be fatal. This is especially true for elderly victims, and 33% of adults over 65 have slip and fall accidents each year. A leading cause for injury in all age demographics, slip and falls cause the most brain injuries and hip fractures. In addition to these injuries, slip and falls can result in broken bones, neck and spinal cord injuries, and lacerations and bruising when victims come into contact with other objects as they fall.

Victims of slip and fall accidents miss an average of 11 days of work. Combined with the average hospital cost of a slip and fall accident ($33,000), these accidents place a financial strain on victims. Filing a slip and fall claim can help victims maintain financial control during recovery, and can hold responsible parties accountable for negligence.

Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Claim

To recover damages from a slip and fall accident, the injury must be the result of another party’s negligent behavior. Proving fault in these claims can be tricky. It usually requires that the injury happened because of a dangerous condition on the property that the owner/possessor knew or should have known about. Fault can also be established if the property owner/possessor created the dangerous condition.