Shammas Law

I won’t bore you with a legal resume. This page is about me, and what separates me from the typical injury lawyers. It’s about how my early life and background shaped me into a great lawyer for my clients.

I grew up in a blue-collar environment. I began working in my early teens and was forced to develop a tireless work ethic, tenacity, and sharp communication skills. I learned how to overcome adversity and obstacles. I recognized how to achieve goals by being laser focused and relentless. My mindset became rooted in the idea of never backing down from a fight or challenge, and to never quit. I connected with various types of people from various backgrounds. The qualities I picked-up in my early days still continue to serve me today. They are qualities that are perfectly aligned with being a successful personal injury attorney.

I am laser focused and relentless when fighting on behalf of my clients. I can effectively argue how a client has struggled, or will continue to struggle. I can do this since I can relate to a client’s struggle, because at a certain level, I have been there before.

I will never back down or quit when fighting on behalf of clients. We are in it together.

These are just a few examples of why I have success fighting against insurance companies and large corporations. They can throw any team of lawyers into the boardroom or courtroom, but they soon realize I will not be intimidated. I will not back down. I will win the fight. I refuse to listen to an insurance company tell me what my client’s case is worth. I know what a case is worth, and I will not stop until they pay the proper value. There is no better feeling than taking down Goliath.

These principles helped shape Shammas Law Office’s core values: RESULTS. AVAILABILITY. COMMUNICATION. EFFICIENCY. It’s what separates me from the rest.