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Being involved in a car accident is often a traumatic event.  It can result in death, serious permanent injuries, or minor injuries that fade out after a few months.  It is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to protect your interests, especially since you will be fighting against a large insurance company or corporation who has probably already started their investigation.    

There are certain steps you should take at the scene immediately after the crash, assuming you are mentally alert and physically able to do so.  These steps are as follows:    

  1. Call 911 so anyone who may be injured can be examined by paramedics
  2. Call the police and make a report at the scene
  3. Take photos of the damage to all cars involved and any visible injuries you have
  4. Exchange personal, insurance, and vehicle information with the other driver(s)
  5. Do not admit fault or agree to pay for anything
  6. Go to the emergency room for any pain or discomfort you are feeling, even if it seems minor or you think it will go away. Make sure you tell the doctors at the ER all pain and discomfort you are feeling, even if some areas are not as bad as others.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

This last point is very important since many of us naturally minimize our pain and discomfort or choose not to get treatment immediately due to financial or other concerns.  However, the longer you go without treatment after a crash, the more opportunity you give to the insurance company to dispute or question your injuries, or create speculation on other causes for you injuries other than the car accident.

            Several types of injuries can occur because of a car accident.  Some of the more common injuries include:

  1. Broken Bones
  2. Head Injuries including:
    1. Traumatic Brain Injuries / Concussions
    2. Skull Fractures
    3. Brain Bleeding
  3. Spinal Injuries including:
    1. Neck and Back injuries
    2. Spinal Cord Damage
    3. Herniated Discs
    4. Whiplash
    5. Sprains and Strains
  4. Torn Ligaments such as:
    1. Rotator Cuff Tears
    2. Meniscus Tear
    3. ACL/MCL Tears

            The end goal is to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.  Although there are several areas of recovery depending on the nature of the case, the main items are recovery are: 

  1. Medical Bills (Past & Future)
  2. Lost Wages (Past & Future)
  3. Pain and Suffering (Past & Future)
  4. Loss of Normal Life (Past & Future)
  5. Disability (Past & Future)
  6. Disfigurement

If you or somebody close to you has been hurt in a car accident, call Shammas Law Office today for a free consultation at 312-971-5959, or simply click here to submit an email directly to our office.


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