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First Steps After An Accident or Injury


When you suffer an accident or injury there are some steps you should take if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit. Taking these early steps will help your case and protect your legal rights.


Don’t rely on your memory it is best to take notes after an accident or injury. Make sure to write down every detail you can remember including injuries and how much they affect your life.

In most cases filing a personal injury lawsuit is not immediately so these notes can be helpful two or six or twelve months later. The notes should include:

• Describe how the accident happened
• Describe your injuries and how their affect you
• Describe your economic losses
• Write down the names of witnesses, conversations with insurers, etc.


Make sure to look and preserve evidence of what happened and for documenting your injuries. The best days to collect this information is within the first few days following the accident or injury.

Keep in mind that a personal injury lawyer will need evidence to decide how strong is your case.

A good idea is to return to where the accident occurred and photograph any circumstances you believed may have caused or contributed to the accident or injury.


Medical records may be the key element for a personal injury case. It is important to get copies of medical records to prove that the accident caused the injuries.

Besides having your medical records would not only help you with your injury claim but also to provide them to a specialist or a new doctor if needed.

• Who may get medical records?
Your medical records
You can request another person’s medical records if they permit you.
You can request another person’s medical records if you are a legal guardian.

If you are the personal representative of an estate designated by a will or the court of a deceased person.


Immediately after an accident, it is in your best interest to protect your health and your legal rights and get medical attention.

The main reason why you need to see a doctor is to make sure your injuries are not serious, even if they seem minor.

The other reason is that to file a personal injury claim you will need evidence to prove your statement.

And, finally, medical attention is required for some types of insurance coverage.


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First Steps After An Accident or Injury

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